Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So Id like to take a few minutes to talk about my recent obsession. Its called boxed wine and it has made my evenings a little more enjoyable. That's not to say that they weren't before (OK they weren't, but that's just because I wasn't relaxing enough). So I recently discovered this "magic elixir" a couple months ago when my sister was in town for a visit. I usually have a glass every other night, but I cant have it to often because of how much it costs me. Jennifer and I did some grocery shopping when she got here, and as I reached for the small fifteen dollar bottle of Pinot Grigio, she stopped me. "No no no Ruth, just get the boxed stuff" she said.
"But its gross" I replied. She then informed me, yes it may be "gross" but its sweet and cheap and you can afford it. She was right, it was gross. But After drinking it for a few nights in a row, I grew to love this horrible factory made, walmart stocked, crisp white. I thought, "its not that bad." Then a few nights later I thought, "Its pretty good." Then a few nights after that i thought "I need something for the knots in my stomach that have me writhing with pain." But then, even fewer nights after that I thought " I can get used to this. I don't really get a buzz, but I'm sure its bad for me, so what the hell". As long as its cheap.
I did enjoy it a little more in small amounts and plus the box I bought three months ago will probably last me till the kids are in college and it was only 13 bucks! So if your feeling in the mood for a nice glass of smooth Pinot Grigio or a warm glass of Pinot Noir, don't go for the boxed stuff. But if your in the mood for something a little closer to Cold Duck but not quite that redneck, try the Franzia Crisp white, curl up on the couch in your favorite moomoo, and turn on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, because you'll still be classier than those dames!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

So Quick

Well its been a while since Ive blogged (I think every blog I write starts out that way). Ben and the boys decided to camp out in the living room tonight, so I was watching tv, with them sleeping on the floor all curled up in sleeping bags, wondering what I was going to do. So I figured Id write a new blog.
We went to Concord today to run a few errands, and picked up a crib for Everett. I decided to set it up and let Ben hang out with the kids.....which was more work?! Not setting up the crib. But as I was putting it together I couldnt help but think about how quickly the last three and a half months have gone. I seems like it was just yesterday that I was feeling those labor pains at five in the morning. Its amazing how quickly it goes. Then on the other hand, when your in the midst of it, living in the chaos of it all, it seems like its never going to stop, and that youre never going to have a quiet moment to yourself again. Now Everett is three and half months, going on four, and its just keeps rushing by. I try to think about that when the walls are closing in on me, but sometimes its hard to enjoy the moment when all you want to do in the moment is rip your hair out. As my hormones even out I am starting to enjoy these early years more and more. I am starting to realize, as Manny is getting ready to start his second year of preschool, that He will never be home with me full time again. Next year will be kindergarten and the year after that he goes to school all day. So Im starting to enjoy the age Everett is right now.
Ive always had a hard time with the boys when they were still in the infant phase. Just because it breaks my heart to hear them cry and not always know how to fix it. But as Manny gets older its starting to slowly sink in that I wont have them forever. Theyre going to grow up and become their own people. So Im kind of hanging on to Everett (which I hear happens with the baby of the bunch) because this will be our last one.