Monday, February 28, 2011

Well Everett is taking his glorious afternoon nap so I thought I would write a little blog while the boys were watching their show.

I was recently browsing through some heels online and I figured I would share some. I know this isnt going to be interesting to everyone who reads this blog, but Im gonna do it anyway. Because Im good enough, Im smart enough, and doggone-it people like me!

The first thing is a pair of heels that I could picture myself wearing with anything!! Except maybe a pair of sweatpants, but who knows, I could start a new trend. Rolled up sweat pants and some hot high heels!! I would call it trailer chic!

I think its because they are sparkly!! And the hot pink and black helps too.

I also have been trying to find a swimsuit that is a "pinup" style. I think because you dont have to look like a waif to wear one. Now that Ive had kids, whenever I come within 100 feet of a swimsuit store I break out in hives, sweat profusely, and have a sudden urge to find a large rock and hide under it. So needless to say Ive had the same bathing suit for about four years now. Sad I know.
But I love love love this one! And the fact that its in red makes it even better. I picture myself laying on the beach with my hair pulled back in a cute bandana, sipping on a mint julep and wearing my fire engine red lipstick. In what world this scenario would ever exist who knows, but a girl can dream!

This one is a very close second!

Last but not least I have always wanted the "little black dress" but have never been that fond of black clothing. I dont know why, I just dont like it for myself. I feel so bored in it. So I am always looking for something that could replace it. Something with lots of color (or sparkle, since God knows if I was born a man I would have been a drag queen!). So this is one that I found that I love love love

Well theres Everett, awake and crying....back to reality ;)

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