Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sometimes when I have a dream that seems real to me it gives me this sort of "life means more than we know" feeling. I once had a dream where I had traveled to India. While I was there I was traveling through a vast desert of nothingness. It wasnt a brutal desert like you see in the movies. It was more of a cool sort of thing. Not to hot or uncomfortable. I hadnt seen anything for miles and then all of the sudden a scene emerged. I came across what looked like a school. The buildings were all a washed out sort of aqua color, but nothing was elaborate or decorated. It was just the walls with open doorways (no doors) and a light peaceful breeze was blowing through empty concrete like rooms. The whole atmosphere was "breezy". It was like I had arrived at the quietest place on earth. When I came into the area where the building was I noticed three or four yogis sitting on these low to the ground fabric swings. They were all very tall but the yogis sat only an inch or two from the ground in them. They were all in some kind of meditation. All very quiet and still.

The dream never went much further than that, but it was one of those dreams that you feel every emotion and see everything in it like it really is happening, and you wake up feeling like it really did happen. It was a wonderful dream because it was so peaceful. And I have always wanted to somehow get back to that place. Then I started to think that place was in my soul, and although chaos and constant noise may always surround me, I can find that place within my being. When I get overwhelmed sometimes I visualize that scene and I am instantly relaxed.

What reminded me of that dream was a site that I was looking at that was showing indoor swings. Swings that you put in your house or apartment and just sit and relax in them. I wasnt really aware that they existed but now I really want one!!

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