Thursday, September 1, 2011

Button up neck cowl

Button up neck cowl

Skill Level: Experienced Beginner

Materials: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick - I used Glacier
Size K hook 6.5 mm
4 Buttons of your choice
Yarn darner
Needle and thread

Abbreviations : DC double crochet
BL back loop
FL front loop

Neck Cowl

Chain 40
1. dc in 2nd chain from hook and all the way across, chain 4, turn

2. dc all the way across in bl only, on first and last stitch dc in both loops, it will be the same for the entire pattern, chain 2, turn

3. dc across in fl only, chain 4, turn

rows 4, 6, 8- repeat row 2

rows 5, 7, 9- repeat row 3, fasten off and weave ends in.

the chain four spaces will provide the button holes for the cowl. Sew buttons on where the holes will line up.

**If you need the cowl to be a little larger to fit around your neck more loosely, just add two stitches to your chain 40, or however many you feel will accommodate the size you need.

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