Friday, January 13, 2012

Ribbed Winter Hat

Here is a pattern I came up with for a hat for my husband. I love crocheting hats but lets be honest, they dont always look great on men. I love the knit look but I have yet to learn to knit, probably in part because I love to crochet so much. So here is my pattern for a "knit style" crocheted hat. Its obviously crochet but has that ribbed, albeit chunky, knit look. I used two colors, which is totally my own preference, it would work fine with one. So here goes!!

Materials needed

1 skein of Stitch nation full o sheep yarn in Honeycomb
1 skein of Stitch Nation full o sheep yarn in black (although this pattern would work fine with any worsted weight yarn)
size J 6.00 crochet hook
yarn needle

*Gauge isnt really important since hat stretches to fit most adult size noggins

*Please note: This pattern is worked in back loop only but the FIRST and LAST stitch of EVERY row is worked in both loops for stability.

Chain 41
1. Sc in second chain from hook and all the way across, chain 1
2-72. Sc in back loop only all the way across, chain 1
Leave a long tail for weaving hat together and sewing ends in

When you have finished with all the rows put the two ends together so you have a long tube. Using your hook sc all the way across connecting the two longer ends. You should end up with a tube.

Using your yarn needle and the tail you left to finish off, weave tail in and out of the top of the tube until you come all the way back around to where you started. Pull tightly on the tail to close the tube. Tie off and sew in ends. This should leave you with a scrunched looking top to the hat.

on the open end of the tube, using your contrasting color, attach and sc all the way across, weaving ends in and tying off.

Make a pom pom for the top with the contrasting color and attach to top of hat. Voila!!!

If you are not sure how to make a pom pom, I posted an instructional video from youtube (which is not mine) on the sock monkey hat pattern.

Hope you enjoy and Happy crocheting!!!

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