Friday, June 11, 2010

I am fighting a serious urge to smoke right now! It has taken everything in me to resist! I know smoking is bad for you and it's disgusting. Your clothes stink, your hair reeks, and your breath is smelly enough to put a large clydesdale into a coma! But if you've ever been a smoker you you know how powerful a nicotine fit can be. For nine months I hardly thought about it, except when I would see it in a movie or smell it on the street, but now I am having issues. I'm pretty sure it's a mental know, I'm not hurting anyone but myself now. My fear is that the first time I go out for a drink or when I'm around friends that still smoke I won't be able to control myself. The other thing I have going against me is that it was always the only kid free quiet time I had. If you have kids you know how great that is, even if it's just ten minutes alone. So wish me luck....I will be trying very hard this summer to stay away from them!


  1. Ruth, PLEASE don't smoke. You have three little boys now, you need to stay healthy for a LONG time so you can be with them and see them grow and succeed. You can help yourself and them (and Ben!) by NOT smoking. Yes, it's not easy, but it can be done. You're still young--YOU CAN DO IT. Stay strong.

  2. You can do it ... remember all those good overcoming things you learned when you were young. They work!!! %^) xoxox